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Though we haven’t trained many heavyweights over the last seven years, the addition of Fabio to the program was a welcome one.

Explosive, spiteful, and a punishing puncher, Fabio represented a unique type of heavyweight.

His obvious athleticism made him an instant responder to some of our more advanced training methods which we would usually steer clear of with heavyweights due to the increased risk of injury.

Moreover, his program is mainly carried out on a remote basis making him an ideal candidate to promote our online training services, but also highlights his diligence and commitment to bettering himself as an athlete in the absence of a strength and conditioning coach.

2021 saw Fabio defend his English Heavyweight Title at fight camp in emphatic fashion.

Having taken some time to recover, the big man is back on board and in the gym striving to maximise his athletic potential and push on to bigger challenges and rewards within the heavyweight division.