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Welcome to Boxing Science

Improving your physical characteristics is nothing new in boxing. You’ve seen the old footage of Muhammad Ali pounding the pavements, Mike Tyson’s crazy skipping routines and even the intense training montages in the Rocky films!

We’re not here to replace the sweet science….

We’re here to provide you with advanced evidence-based training methods to optimise physical performance for boxing competition.

By improving your physical fitness you can increase your technical capability – you’ll be able to perform at high-intensities, maintain punch power and technique AND have the ability to stick to the game-plan under fatigue.



Our methods are evidence-based and super-effective.

We’ve proven that our methods help athletes fitter, faster and stronger at amateur, professional and world level.

However, many coaches and athletes may find difficulty in integrating them into training schedules.

This maybe down to people feeling under-confident , or not having the facilities, time or money to perform these training methods….

In our BRAND NEW online membership services, we give YOU the guidance, education and information for you to utilise the Boxing Science methods in YOUR training environment.

We have 3 different levels for you to access to suit your budget and goals.


Get Instant Access To Boxing Science Training Methods

Boxing Science Membership

£8.99 / month

The 'Netflix' of Boxing

Membership includes:

  • Weekly S&C and Running Workouts
  • Exercise Library with over 100 video demonstrations
  • + 40 Educational and Practical Workshops
  • Nutritional Recipes

Train Like a Champion

£19.99 / month

The Blueprint to Elite Performance

Membership includes:

  • Access to our World Recognised Train Like A Champion Program
  • Journey to World Level Strength and Fitness with Access TLAC 1 - 4 E-books
  • Youth Training for Boxing
  • Nutrition E-books and Recipes
  • + All of the Boxing Science Membership

Train Like a Champion – 1 YEAR MEMBERSHIP

£190.00 / month

Save £££'s with our 12 month membership

Membership includes:

  • Access to our World Recognised Train Like A Champion Program
  • Instant Access to All TLAC Programs
  • Save over 60% Discount on Product Value
  • Receive FREE T-Shirt and Mini-Bands
  • Exclusive Offers on Boxing Science Events

The Science Behind Boxing

At Boxing Science, we’re proud to have written over 300 free articles to educate thousands of readers on a range of topics to improve physical preparation in Boxing.

These include strength and conditioning, nutrition, physiology and psychology, as well as giving you an insight to our training methods with athlete case studies.

Our articles are written in an understandable format to give you an appreciation of the underpinning science behind our training methods.

If Boxing Science were around during my career, I would’ve been world champion a lot sooner, and a lot longer

Johnny Nelson, Former Cruiserweight World Champion


No matter whether you’re an athlete or a coach, whether you’re located close by or far away..

We have a range of products and services to suit YOU!

We have our 10 week training programmes, educational resources, video workshops all available on our website…

Or you can access all of our online products through our memberships 

Learn from the Boxing Science team by attending one of our courses…

We deliver our ‘Ultimate Coaching for Combat Sports’ courses to give coaches and athletes the opportunity to learn directly from us.

This two-day event consists of educational and practical workshops to give you the tools you need to become a better coach and help your athletes reach the next level.

Athletes we've worked with

We’ve worked with 100’s of professional and amateur boxers, from full sport science programmes to physiological assessments.

These include world champions such as Kell Brook, Jamie McDonnell, Billy Joe Saunders and Nicola Adams, and we are developing future champions such as Anthony Fowler, Jordan Gill and Kid Galahad.

We have also provided sport science services for England Boxing, working with Youth worlds, European, commonwealth and Olympic squads.

Lerrone Richards

Since joining the program over a year ago, Lerrone has shown remarkable progress in his strength, explosiveness and fitness. From…

Meet the team

We are a team of sport scientists, passionate about improving performance and sharing our experiences. We fine-tune our programmes to optimise results, and explore many different ways of how we can share information with the boxing community.

We are accredited practitioners with university backgrounds, however also have a wealth of practical experience. Collectively, we’ve been involved with 100’s of training camps and many title fights, including British, Commonwealth, European, International and World title fights.

We’re excited to share our insights with you through our online articles, products and services.

Danny Wilson

Co-Founder | Strength and Conditioning Coach

Alan Ruddock

Co-Founder | Performance Physiologist

Tommy Munday

Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach for Youth Athlete Initiative